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Hon Hai's iPad 2 Shipment to Total 20 M.Units in Q3
관리자  2011-09-26 15:25:29, Read : 1,053

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Hon Hai's iPad 2 Shipment to Total 20 M. Units in Q3
Driven by strong market demand, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., Apple Inc.'s contract assembler of iPad 2, has reportedly adjusted its shipment projection for the product upward to 20 million units for the third quarter of this year, representing a 42.8% increase from its original projection of 14 million units set in early July.

Although declining to comment on the report, Hon Hai stressed that it is normal to forecast a shipment surge in the third quarter, a booming season for the electronic industry.

Since its launch, iPad 2 has been a hot-seller in the global market for tablet PCs, with sales hitting 9.25 million units in the second quarter of this year alone. The boom has made market predictors believe that Apple's full-year global sales of iPad and iPad 2 will cap their original projection of 40 million units in the year, especially when Hon Hai has allegedly raised its shipment goal for the third quarter.

With more PC brands joining the competitive landscape, the global market for tablet PCs has been fast-growing so far this year. iSuppli has estimated global sales of such devices at more than 60 million units for the year, three times more than a year ago, with iPad to command a 74% share. In 2015, the sales figure will shoot up to 275 million units, with 120 million units or 43.6% of which to be iPad.

Considering the unparalleled popularity of iPad, the market researcher emphasized that Apple will surely continue to lead the market in the years to come, for the U.S.-based company has effectively solved supply shortages seen a few months ago. Therefore, Hon Hai is also expected to keep profiting from the product in the next few years.

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